RayitasHOW ARE THEY MADE?Rayitas

For the making of our croquetas, there are two main features that have direct influence on the final product quality, and in which we invest all our care and efforts:

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Produce quality:

One main feature is produce quality which lends croquetas their genuine flavor. For us it is crucial that the consumer identifies each flavor neatly. A delicious bite of crisp joy, tasting like…

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Our béchamel sauce:

The other main feature in which we have invested some thought is the making of the béchamel sauce, for which times and temperatures are decisive for a creamy and delicate taste.

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Final steps:

All of the other basic steps, that is, croquetas shaping, deep-freezing, packing and transport, are also important and taken care of, because any fail could have a direct impact on the product quality.