Carmen is a lawyer, and a good one! She works so hard she barely has time to eat at home. That´s why, when she´s back from work and needing to unwind she goes straight to the kitchen, pours herself a glass of wine and slices some jamón. She can´t help but eat some straight away, but the rest is used to make the best croquetas they have ever tasted at the office. Sometimes she freezes them and shares them at her work, and they always joke: “this croquetas speak for themselves!”


If there is something Carmen loves is jamón, but not just any. To make her croquetas she only uses iberian ham, which lends the béchamel sauce a particular flavor. She also only uses ham with low salt content, taking care of both her health and her palate.

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow milk, wheat flour, iberian ham (iberian pork ham) (15%), butter (pasteurized cream and lactic ferments), iberian ham (iberian pork ham) (15%), salt, breadcrumbs (wheat flourand yeast), feeding mixture (wheat flours).


Flour, butter and fresh milk. The secret of these “croketas” is in the béchamel sauce, made with the traditional recipe, using only fresh and natural ingredients. Only with the best béchamel sauce you get the best “croketas”.


Don´t defrost “croketas”.

Fry in a frying pan or fryer with plenty of very hot olive oil (180ºC) for 3-4 minutes until golden. “Croketas” must stay completely submerged. Drop few at a time so as not to decrease oil temperature.

Let stand for a minute.

Tip: Do not ever reuse burnt oil. However, if you have kept it frying at in between 160º and 180ºC, you can reuse it several times if you preserve it carefully using a coffee filter. Should you need to dispose of it, take it to a Green Point inside a plastic bottle, being highly polluting.